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Kerry Group

Kerry is responding to consumer demand for real ingredients with better, more authentic and nutritious taste experiences. With 40 years’ experience and 24,000 staff on six continents, Kerry has a renewed focus on Taste & Nutrition where the science of taste merges with the science of nutrition. We combine our deep understanding of taste with our in-depth knowledge of people, culture, life stage and daily nutritional needs. By partnering with Kerry, customers are taken on a journey to make food, beverage and pharma products that people enjoy and feel better about. We call this Leading to Better.

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MECATHERM, a French industrial company and leader in the industrial baking sector, is based in Barembach (Bas-Rhin - 67), France, and has commercial offices in three countries. The company, headed by Olivier Sergent, employs more than 400 staff.

MECATHERM designs, manufactures and installs equipment and automated production lines to manufacture all kinds of products:

More than 780 automated production lines are currently operating in 70 countries on five continents. They produce the equivalent of 30,000 tonnes of baked goods every day.

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Puratos is an international group offering a full range of innovative products, raw materials and application expertise to the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors. Our headquarters are just outside Brussels (Belgium), where the company was founded in 1919.

A century later, our products and services are available in over 100 countries around the world and, in many cases, are produced by our network of local subsidiaries. Above all, we aim to be reliable partners in innovation, helping our customers around the world to deliver nutritious and tasty food to their local communities.


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Together with our customers we explore the world of bakery. Thinking differently, we find inventive ways to create bakery success. We inspire our customers with ingredients and better ways to bake, manage and sell. Founded in 1900 by the Dutch Doeleman family, Zeelandia has become a global player in the bakery ingredients business. Today, over 3,000 employees worldwide are dedicated to develop products tailored to local tastes and needs in about 100 countries. Industrial bakeries are an important part of our business, we understand their complexity and challenges. That’s why, in close collaboration with our customers, we focus on customized innovation, tailored products and services, cost optimization, flexibility and short response time.

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Lesaffre is a leading player in yeasts and fermentation. The company develops, manufactures and markets innovative solutions for use in Baking, Food taste & pleasure, Health care and Biotechnology. The family owned group was created in the north of France in 1853 and is now a multinational and multicultural company. Lesaffre is committed to working confidently to better feed the population and protect our planet. Attentive to the requirements of its clients and partners, Lesaffre employs 10,000 people in nearly 78 subsidiaries in 50 countries. Today the Group achieves a turnover in excess of 2 billion euros.

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Bakels manufacture, distribute and technically support a wide range of bakery ingredients, some of which are tailor made for industrial and instore bakeries, while others are specifically developed for the Craft sector.

Products are developed to meet current market demands, supported by well-established Bakels sales and technical teams. Customer Service teams are also set up to provide expert support to their respective customers.

Packaging (from small packs to road tankers) and equipment solutions to support product application are also tailored to ensure that whatever size our customers are, whatever products they are producing, British Bakels can supply appropriate products and support.

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Chemours Company

The Chemours Company helps create a colorful, capable and cleaner world through the power of chemistry. Chemours is a global leader in fluoroproducts, chemical solutions, and titanium technologies, providing its customers with solutions in a wide range of industries with market-defining products, application expertise and chemistry-based innovations. Chemours ingredients are found in refrigeration and air conditioning, mining and general industrial manufacturing, plastics and coatings. Chemours owns proeminent brands such as Teflon™.

Teflon™ coatings for Industrial Bakery Solutions assures high quality coating system solutions to industrial bakeries, marketed under the Teflon™ brand. Their value is to create new opportunities for industrial bakeries to drive efficiency and improve the hygiene and safety of their operations, whilst simultaneously improving the quality and nutritional benefit of the final baked product.

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CSM Bakery Solutions

CSM Bakery Solutions is an international leader in baking, producing one of the industry's broadest ranges of premium-quality bakery ingredients, finished products and services in more than 100 countries. Through our innovation centers, bakery experts work tirelessly to address trends, such as the growing concern for health and wellness, along with industry leading innovations to meet market requirements for increased functionality, such as our enzyme developments to improve softness and resilience in bread.. One of the most successful developments is our ancient grains portfolio, enabled by exclusive, sustainable contract farming.

We value our role in Connecting the World of Baking, and are recognized for the support our technical field teams provide to our customers.

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KEMPF is a medium-sized family business from Rohrbach (near Munich) that has been specialised in bakeware and non-stick coatings for over 40 years. Thanks to our highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art production facilities, we are able to provide products of the highest quality possible. By steadily upgrading and optimising our products and production lines, we can also guarantee, now and in the future, a high degree of flexibility regarding the specific needs of each client, the best quality at a fair competitive price, and the reliable, timely execution of each order placed. KEMPF represents Continuous Innovation in Bakeware & Coatings!

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Philibert Savours

Philibert Savours has been founded in the 80’s with the launch of an innovative product : the first liquid sourdough. Since then, the company, owned by Pascal Philibert, has developped its range in sourdoughs and ingredients for bakery and pastry. With its 30 years’ expertise, Philibert Savours has unrivalled know-how in its field and quality and innovation have always been part of the its DNA. Philibert Savours is, also, committed in the environmental responsibility and sustainable development not only to protect our planet but also to offer the healthiest products as possible.

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AB Mauri

Founded in 2004, AB MAURI is the global yeast and bakery ingredients arm of ABF. It has operations within 32 countries and over 7,000 employees worldwide. It was in 2011 that Cereform, Mauri Products and Yeast Products Ireland were amalgamated to form AB MAURI UK and Ireland.

AB MAURI UK&I has continued to become a household name within industrial bakery businesses. This is achieved by affording industry leading technical support to customers; coupled with global market knowledge and insight, resulting in the provision of a significant range of bespoke product solutions. The acquisitions of Holgran and Fleming Howden from Rank Hovis Milling Ltd were also completed by AB MAURI UK&I in 2018.

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FRITSCH – for decades, this name has been synonymous in the world of baking engineering and technology with high-quality, efficient lines and pioneering innovation within the sector of dough sheeting and processing. FRITSCH’s machines are used worldwide to produce premium bakery products. From artisan bakeries to industrial-sized bakeries. Irrespective of whether companies require sheeting machines, components or complete lines: FRITSCH offers efficient and technologically sophisticated solutions in all areas. The family-owned company stands out from its competitors due to its creative engineering and unconventional solutions.

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Rabobank Group is a global financial services leader providing wholesale and retail banking, leasing, real estate services and renewable energy financing in more than 40 countries worldwide. Founded a century ago as a Dutch farmers’ cooperative, Rabobank today ranks as one of the largest banks in the world, with nearly $1 trillion in assets, and remains committed to its core mission to create customer value.

Rabobank is recognized as a premier bank to the global food, beverage and agribusiness industry, providing a compelling combination of deep sector expertise, strategic counsel and specialized financial solutions to clients across the entire food value chain.

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