AIBI Congress Manchester, England 30 May - 2 June 2019


FRIDAY 31 MAY 2019
Morning session - Managing Bakery for the Future

09.00 Welcome
Joe Street, AIBI President
09.00 Introduction to Congress
Cyrille Filott, Rabobank
09.15 Sponsor presentation
09.35 Sir John Timpson
10.15 Jose Maria Valiado - Secretary General CEPD
10.50 Refreshment break
11.20 Ross Warburton
12.00 Panel discussion
All morning speakers
12.30 Lunch

Afternoon Session - Bakery Innovation and the Future

13.45 Sponsor presentation
14.05 Bake in Space
Sebastian Marcu
14.50 Sponsor presentation - Bakery of the Future
Etienne Maillard
Marketing Intelligence Director
Lesaffre International
15.10 “Buenos dias con pan”- Promotion of Bread in the Spanish Market
Silvia Martin, ASEMAC, Spain
EU Funding for Bread Promotion Campaigns
Zsuzsan Proos, NBC, Netherlands
15.50 Panel discussion
All afternoon speakers
16.15 Congress close of day

Bakery Business Environment and the Future

09.00 Sponsor presentation
09.20 Robb MacKie 
American Bakers’ Association
10.00 Refreshment break
10.30 Sponsor presentation
10.50 European Bakery Market Report
Anne Fremaux, Gira
11.30 Panel Discussion
All speakers and sponsors from the morning
12.00 Closure of congress
Joe Street , AIBI President
Susanne Doring, AIBI Secretary General, AIBI General Assembly
12.25 AIBI Congress 2021
Janez Bojc, AIBI President Elect Slovenia - AIBI Congress 2021
12.45 Lunch and close

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